What are your favourite Premium activities? Create your ultimate Summer Camp in Switzerland.

For these Options, add CHF 800 per week to per session price
These Options are on Monday – Tuesday – Thursday – Friday (Except Wednesday)

Do you have a passion that you want to develop further this summer, or one that you want to explore?

* Afternoon only
Flying Trapeze *: For those looking for an incredible experience, initiation to flying trapeze!
Golf *: The Geneva Country Club offers the ideal, with view of the lake, location to practice your “Swings” and “Drives”. Professional instructors cater to you based on your level.
Horse Riding *: Supervised by professionals, in a beautiful area  near our campus, where you’ll have the chance to make the “bath” of a horse and prepare you to do differents exercises and courses depending of your level.
Lake Geneva *: With Lake Geneva on our doorstep, spend your time on the lake trying out a wonderful range of adrenaline filled activities, such as Water skiing, Cable Wake, Banana and Wakesurf.
Tennis *: Take your tennis skills to a new level with the best instructors coaching.