What are your favorite Action activities? Create your ultimate Summer Camp in Switzerland.

All about movement, doing and having fun
Champions League: Come show us your talents of footballers, games and training exercices await you on our field!
Creative Rock Band: You love to sing or play music? Come learn modern titles in the context of a band.
NBAction: Come show us your talents of Basketballers, games and training exercices await you in our sports Hall!
Olympic: Enjoy football, basketball, volleyball, swimming and many more activities outside on our 8 hectares campus.
On Stage: You love Drama? speacking in front of people, projecting your voice? Welcome on the stage !
Picasso: Learn to draw and paint in different styles, creating handmade objects “design” and famous museums visits.
Street Dance: Choose between Hip Hop or Modern dance and show us that you’re a star after following classes !
Technology: For those who are digitally minded, welcome to a creative adventure as the development of videos and educational games.
(Note that all these options will require a minimum of 6 participants in order to run)